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My mission is to help people understand the different types of sex toys, and to help people find the best one for their specific needs. I am not an expert, so there may be some errors in the information provided on this page.

In addition to being an expert in sex toys, I am also a sex therapist. My primary focus is the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and other sexual health issues. I have been practicing and teaching sex therapy for over 17 years. I am certified by the American Academy of Sex Therapy. My specialties are: Sexual and Relationship Therapy

The Treatment of Sexual Disorders

Sexual Health Promotion and Awareness The main goal of my work is to educate people on safer sex practices, including the best way to use sex toys. I provide my clients with a thorough explanation and analysis of the benefits and dangers of certain types of toys and recommend ways to use them safely. Most of my clients have asked to review my books. I recommend them as well! I am a sexologist and the author of several books. Click Here to learn more about me. The information that I've provided is from the point of view of a sexologist and not a sex toy salesman.

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